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Farm Food Health

Welcome to the Farm Food Health Podcast where you can be part of the journey of a small farmer in North East Victoria, Australia going through the organic certification process, growing berries, and starting the journey when most are thinking of retiring.

Along with her husband of 30 years, learn about the land, the lifestyle, the wins and losses experienced by a couple who got out of their comfort zone to follow their dream of becoming organic famers.

Sep 24, 2018

Welcome to this week's episode, Nina's going to talk today about selling her produce. Well, selling hers anyway.

In this episode, some honest questions to be asked about selling fruit for the upcoming season.  

With little or no experience in the farming world, the thoughts about selling must be on the minds of every single farmer. 

While some people grow primarily for lifestyle purposes, Nina and her husband are growing for profit, and have selected fruit that is popular with customers but a little challenging at times to grow.