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Farm Food Health

Welcome to the Farm Food Health Podcast where you can be part of the journey of a small farmer in North East Victoria, Australia going through the organic certification process, growing berries, and starting the journey when most are thinking of retiring.

Along with her husband of 30 years, learn about the land, the lifestyle, the wins and losses experienced by a couple who got out of their comfort zone to follow their dream of becoming organic famers.

Sep 3, 2018

Being new to farming, & making the decision to be an organic farmer, I thought I'd share my thoughts with you regarding the the concept of being either organic, conventional or bio dynamic. What's important to you? Do farm practices influence how you buy your food?

I could say each one has it's merits but I'm totally biased towards any type of farming that is at the foremost, ethical and fair to the farmer, enriches the soil and leaves the world in a better place.

This episode is a conversation about those very topics, from the point of view of a new farmer knee deep in the process of becoming a certified organic berry farmer.

I'm working on show notes and videos available at as time permits.  I'm catching up with my editing and pre recorded episodes as I get the hang of this podcasting thing.