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Farm Food Health

Welcome to the Farm Food Health Podcast where you can be part of the journey of a small farmer in North East Victoria, Australia going through the organic certification process, growing berries, and starting the journey when most are thinking of retiring.

Along with her husband of 30 years, learn about the land, the lifestyle, the wins and losses experienced by a couple who got out of their comfort zone to follow their dream of becoming organic famers.

Aug 28, 2018

An Overview of Organic Awareness Month sharing stats of the industry in Australia, a further discussion on the history of food buying from the thoughts of new Organic Berry farmer - Nina Meiers

While I wanted to also talk about the differences between Organic, Bio Dynamic and Conventional farming, I ran out of time.. Well I could have talked, all day about it but thought it was best to leave until Episode #003.

There are links to downloads of the PDF and I am working on Show notes.

I thought I'd put in a picture of my farm.... an earlier picture I took with my drone.

Drone shot of property, from the very beginning.